Noncitizens find a great difficulty in acquiring social-security number in the United States, but the natives can easily acquire the same. You have to determine first that whether you are eligible for getting this number or not. You should check out the eligibility criteria and if the criteria suit you then only you can apply for this number.

Eligibility criteria:

  • US citizens who have got roots in the country can automatically get the eligibility of having the card of social-security from the Federal government. By birth, they have got the right to have this security-number and thus they do not require fulfilling any eligibility criteria.
  • F-1 students can also get this card, but only under certain conditions like on-campus employment, study under scholarship, CPT and other related ones.
  • F-2 and H-4 dependants are not at all eligible for a social-security number and thus they cannot apply for the same.
  • H-1B employees are fully eligible and they do not require making any efforts rather they receive the eligibility automatically by law.
  • If you have got your employment-authorization documents with yourself, then also you can apply for this security number. These documents prove that you have got work-authorization and this makes you eligible for getting this number.

If you want to know more about the eligibility criteria for social-security number then you got to visit to the official site. You can even have consultation with any expert SSN officer who has got intricate knowledge about the same. The officer can guide you in a better direction.

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