How disabled and retired seniors can get facilities from social-security number?

Social-security number is a great security especially for disabled or retired seniors of the country. These seniors can now lead an independent life without facing any financial crisis. This facility can be only provided by social-security number. Different facilities can be now availed by these seniors from their social-security card.

Primary facilities:

  • Medical facilities are one of the most important facilities that are being offered to both disabled and retired seniors of the society. These facilities keep them healthy all the time. Moreover, the facility of medical-claims can also be availed as a result of which the cost of medical emergencies can be either waived or reduced to a great extent.
  • Financial support on every month can be catered by the government. This support is quite valuable and can enable the seniors to lead a stress-free life. All necessary requirements of daily life can be now easily fulfilled with this support.
  • Health counseling and drug-purchase facilities are also being catered to these seniors. Sometimes, housing facilities are also being enjoyed by these seniors for holding the social-security cards.
  • The seniors also receive healthy foods as a part of social-security facilities. This facility is really quite appreciable.
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